Dowanload Metalik Klinik 1 Full Album


Band: Various Artist
Album: Metalik Klinik 1
Year: 1997
Labels: Musica Studios dan RotorCorp
Genre: All Genre Metal
Asal: Indonesia
Posted: Insan Hina (kesugihan666)

01. Bluekhutuq - Ngerap
02. Betrayer - Bendera Kuning
03. Tengkorak - Konflik
04. Death Vomit - Gelap
05. Purgatory - Sakratul Maut
06. Banana Split - Supermen
07. Sic Mynded - Generasi Seks
08. Hell Gods - Kabut Keabadian
09. Trauma - Ciptaan Keabadian
10. Mortus - Sesat
11. Jasad - Belenggu
12. Eternal Madness - Mati Rasa
13. De Produser - Cinta

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In Demise - Adapting To Disorder

Full-length, Self-released
June 4th, 2011

1. Intro in Death-Minor
2. Echoes of Extinction
3. Dreams of R´lyeh
4. Uniformed and Broken
5. Beyond Human Error
6. Floating
7. Expelled From I
8. Adapting to Disorder
9. Passing
10. Pathetic Existence

Origin: Berlin, Germany
Genre: Progressive Brutal Death Metal

Full-length debut of German brutal quartet. You can also purchase it for only 5€ via facebook profile.


Originally uploaded by rot

This material has been uploaded with the permission of the band. Please do post your comments below.
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Discovering the Underground - Batu Çetin (Cenotaph, Drain Of Impurity)

Here we are again, our set of questions goes to Batu, a vocalist and founder of Turkish brutal death metal long-runners Cenotaph. Enjoy.

1. Please name a few underground/unknown bands which have impressed you lately.

Lately I downloaded Abhorrent Castigation - Enthralled By Abysmal Delusion promo demo from DMI and i really liked it, brutal death metal from Germany. Also I'm listening Cuntscrape from Australia they play nice porn grind in Australian traditional way of grind. I can advise those two bands to followers of DMI.

2. Name a few new albums which you think everyone should check out.

Lately i liked new Soulfly album because it's more heavier than before, some fast and blasting drums and good song writings. I also liked especially live performance and album of the Australian death metal band Disentomb, check out their Mountains Of Death performance video on youtube. Also their album is nice, solid brutal death metal. New Condemned from States ('Realms of the Ungodly') and Cephalotripsy promo 2011 to all sickfucks out there.

3. Some old albums which u have been listening to lately?

From the old albums i'm listening nowadays: Demilich - Nespithe (great album, giving me the feeling that it's made out of our universe somewhere else), 'Utopia Banished' of Napalm Death, 'Butchered at Birth' Cannibal Corpse (they bring me back to my young ages :)), Last Days of Humanity 'Putrefeaction in Progress' (supersonic goregrind masterpiece), some old Dead Infection - 'Chapter of Accidents' and 'Surgical Disembowelment', both are great albums.

4. Any other message for DMI readers? What is your opinion about DMI?

İts a great place to discover new bands, demos, eps and cds , i'm checking it sometimes and I discovered many cool bands around the world with the help of DMI. Its really supportive site to help the new bands and to spread their names and sickness, good job guys, I love it.


Originally uploaded by rot
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Disastrous Murmur - Daily Toilet Torturing - EP 2005

Potente disco de estos austriacos.... con un cover de los dioses Repulsion... solo para alumnos de la vieja escuela....
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Purtenance - Sacrifice the King - Ep 2012

Bueno gente.... después de un largo periodo de inactividad, me hago presente en el templo. Aca les dejo la imagen del nuevo disco de los dioses finlandeses Purtenance. No les dejo el link primero porque no lo tengo y segundo porque más tarda uno en subirlo que en borrarlo y sobre todo le eliminan las cuentas. En el momento que lo vean disponible es un deber comprarlo... 20 años de inactividad no deben pasar por alto...Larga vida a la vieja escuela!!!...........
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