Zachlapany Szczypior - Poranny Drągal Na Obrządku

EP, Self-released

1. Daj Mie Szmatę, Bo Zaraz Pogryzie Mie Ta Świnia
2. Kracze Mie Coś W Brokułach
3. Martwi Mie Ten Warchlak
4. Traktor Wali Kury
5. Pogoniłem Kuraka Sąsiada
6. Przyszła Wichura, Wywiało Mie Knura

Origin: Włocławek, Poland
Genre: Agro Grindcore

Hilarious Polish grindcore squad with their unofficial EP release. Birdflesh and Rompeprop followers - gather around!


Originally uploaded by rot

This material has been uploaded with the permission of the band. Please do post your comments below.
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Fireland – God n´Evil (2011)

Artist : Fireland
Album : God n´Evil
Year :2011
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Country: Chile

1.Ancient Time
3.Here I Am
4.God ‘n Evil
6.Where is Heaven
7.Turn Off The Lights
10.It’s Not Magic

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Akin – The Way Things End (2011)

Artist : Akin
Album : The Way Things End
Year : 2011
Genre: Progressive / Atmospheric Metal
Country: France

1. The 92nd Flight
2. Cassandra
3. When
4. Miracles
5. Burning Skies
6. No Second Ride
7. Resilience
8. A Better End

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Dysentery – Internal Devastation (2011)

Artist : Dysentery
Album : Internal Devastation
Year : 2011
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: USA

1. Epilogue
2. Beyond Light, Amongst the Shadows
3. Pernicious Passing
4. Entropic Putrefaction
5. Internal Devastation
6. A World Apart
7. In Rememberance of the Lifeless
8. From Creation to Dust
9. Forsaken Memories
10. Scars of Suffering
11. Genocidal God
12. Devourer of the
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Sepultura – Kairos (2011)

Artist : Sepultura
Album : Kairos
Year : 2011
Genre: Epic Black Metal / Crust
Country: Canada

1. War of 2010
2. Wild and Free
3. Sedition Not Sedation
4. Destroy What Destroys You
5. End Progress
6. De-Civilize
7. Face Yourself
8. Resist the SPP
9. Inspire//Change
10. ….We Already Live in Ruins

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